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Unfinished Poplar Lichtenberg Wall Hanger

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Do you want to work with captured lightning panels, but worry about the dangers of high-voltage electricity? Then you found the right listing!

This raw, unfinished poplar panels is a wooden canvas for you to work with. Paint, stain, dye, and resin are just a few options available to you for embellishment. Each panel is solid 3/4" Poplar wood, approximately 9" tall, and 16" long. In addition to the captured lightning carving, each panel is sanded on both sides, the sharp edges are rounded over and picture hanging hardware is installed. All you have to to is take it out of the box and start painting!

***The pictures in this listing are an example of what you will receive, not the actual panel you are purchasing. Each panel is made-to-order, unique and cannot be recreated. Turn around time is 1-3 weeks depending on my workload. The random nature of both the wood grain, and the fractal burn ensure that every piece is one of a kind.***

Custom orders are available if you want a different size, wood species or specific design. Please message me directly for a quote and I will carve your vision into the canvas!