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Unfinished Pine Lichtenberg "Canvas" (7.25"x7.25")

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Do you want to work with captured lightning panels, but worry about the dangers of high-voltage electricity? Do you want to offer raw captured lightning panels in your craft booth for extra profit? Then you found the right listing!

These raw, unfinished panels are wooden canvases for you to work with. Paint, stain, dye, and resin are just a few options available to you for embellishment, allowing you to put your own spin on the figures and match them to your living space. Each panel is solid 3/4" Pine wood. Approximately 7.25" tall, and 7.25" long. Each panel is carved, cleaned and bleached to reduce staining, then sanded to 120 grit. Further finishing and hanging hardware is at the discretion of the buyer.

Bulk Pricing for retailers: Bulk Pricing starts at 24 units. Contact me directly for a quote. Shipping box weighs about 20lb and ships (fully insured) from 18938 if you want to estimate shipping costs.

***The pictures above are examples of what you will receive. Each panel is made-to-order, unique and cannot be recreated. Turn around time is 1-3 weeks depending on my current workload. The random nature of both the wood grain, and the fractal burn ensure that every piece is one of a kind.***