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Captured Lightning Four-Pillar Planter/Candleholder (Made-to-order)

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Hand-crafted from solid pine, this functional wooden sculpture makes a bold statement in any room. The four pillars are connected together to form a stable, freestanding planter or candle holder. A standard 2" succulent/cactus planter sits flush with the rim of the block, making it seem as though your succulents are growing directly out of the pillar. The same holes will also accept most glass candle holders, giving you the freedom to decorate as you please. The wide base and tall height make this planter fit well on the floor or a tabletop. Intricate lichtenburg figures are carved into the wood using high voltage electricity. Each pattern is unique and cannot be recreated.

If you have a specific stain or color that you want me to match, please include a note with your order or message me directly through the website contact form.  I have a wide range of Minwax stain colors, and a whole rainbow of tints available in addition to the colors you see in the pull-down menu. Please note that the actual stain color is usually much darker than what you see on the sample swatch in the pictures.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Each piece is made-to-order and takes 4-6 weeks to complete, depending on my current workload. The item pictured above is an example of what you will receive.

Dimensions: The base of the planter measures 7"x7". The tallest pillar is 20" high!