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BLACK LIMBA Wrist Rest (Made-to-order)

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This custom rest is crafted from solid Black Limba wood.  The Limba tree is native to tropical western Africa, and Black Limba exhibits gray/black streaks, occasionally with orange or yellow spalting.  It is very common for this lumber to contain bug holes. 

Each piece is carved with high-voltage electricity, resulting in a unique, randomized burn pattern.  Like a fingerprint, each fractal burn is unique.  The burn channels are then filled with the resin color of your choice and shaped to your selected size.   Each piece then receives several coats of gloss lacquer to seal and protect the surface. 

Use the pull-down menu's on this page to select your size and color options to place your order.  Color examples can be seen by cycling through the pictures.  These are all mica powder pigments, which means they will have a mild luster once cast in resin.  Colors may appear slightly differently on your monitor than in real life.


If you would like multiple resin colors (up to 2) or a color gradient, select "Custom" from the resin color menu and include a note with your order specifying which colors you want, and if you want them blended (gradient) or separate.  The multi-color option is an additional $10.


If one of the standard sizes is not right for your build, select "Custom" from the length menu and include a note with your order specifying your desired length (in inches).

I have made over 100 individual orders in various wood types.  You can view the gallery of completed orders here: